Our Services

Discover our wide range of car care and protection services here.  If there is a service you require, not listed, please contact us to see if we can help… 

New Car Detailing

Give your new investment the perfect start in life with one of our New Car Detailing packages, with 2 to 5 Years worth of protection

Self Healing PPF

The ultimate protection against stone chips and minor grazes - our Self Healing Paint Protection Film is custom cut in house

Paint Restoration

Is your cherished vehicle looking a little tired? We can help! We are able to refresh the paintwork on your car permanently

Detailing Packages

Protection Detail

Our entry level Detailing service is ideal for an annual maintenance, prep for Winter, a deep clean for Spring or simply just to deep clean and protect your vehicle any time of the year!

Enhancement Detail

Our most popular Detailing Service and our entry level paint correction offering - the Enhancement Detail offers a great level of paint correction (swirl removal) at a great value price point

Correction Detail

If you want your paint to be as perfect as possible, then this is the service for you! It includes a 3-4 stage polishing process and aims to remove every defect (where safe to do so) from your paint

New Car Detail

This offers the very best start in life for your new car and ensures that its 100% perfect and also well protected allowing for easy maintenance for years to come

Ceramic Coatings

We offer a wide range of Ceramic Coating upgrades for all automotive surfaces, including the very latest coatings with a 5 Year Warranty

Matte/Vinyl/PPF Detail

We can also offer a bespoke service to cater for whatever you need. Vinyl, PPF and Matte Paint can all look tired over time - we can help to restore and rejuvenate them for you

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